turned 39 weeks and 1 day on January 25, 2008 at 5:18 A.M.

Day 1

A Hospital?!
The Hard Part's Over
Resting Up After the Big Show
El Fin

Day 2

Break from Lunch
“Everything's different out here.”
Briefly Forgot about Mom
Ransom pats gently?

Day 3

A Full-Time Job
“It's you and me against Premier, OK?”
Tired of the Same Old Routine

Day 4

Ruth Visits
Harder than I Thought
“TWO brothers?”
“This one's mine.”

Day 5

Baby Roll Cam
“No comment! No comment!”
“Do you have a permit?”
“You have disgraced the family name! You have no honor.”

Day 6

“Do you like to play steamroller?”
What Grandma Won't Do
The Hartman Chicks
The Quiet Place

Day 7

Taking After the Cat
Yawns are Contagious
The Growing Hartman Family

Day 8

JB, Meet TH
“Yes, I think she's just about right.”
Trinity Sings 'Master the Tempest is Raging' for Her Great Grandfather

Day 9

A Toasty Nap
Deliberating About Desert
“I'm thinking of a number…”
The Last Train to Sleepsville

Day 10

The Night Owl
Breakfast Break
Camouflaged as a Baby Boy
Trinity's First Hobby

Day 11

Just What She Needs
Trinity Dresses Up Like the Felt Board Jesus
At It Again
A Little Closer to Infinity

Day 12

Trinity Practices for the 2032 Olympic Sleeping Team
Ransom Votes for More Siblings
“This is as uncomfortable as it looks.”
Not Interested in More Photos

Day 13

Face Off
“Aren't you tired of taking pictures?”
Worth the Trouble
Practice Makes Perfect

Day 14

Altered Consciousness Experiment
Life's Not All Smiles
“Who do you think you're poking?”

Day 15

Trinity Hits the High Notes
Seriously Hungry

Day 16

“We meet yet again.”
A Smile's Sunrise
“Yes?! Can I help you?”
Patriotic Pastels

Day 17

“Is there a nap in here somewhere?”
Missing Out on Family Talk
Almost Ready to Hit the Road
The Sibling Switcheroo

Day 18

Mí Familia
Trinity Missed Her Apple
“No, I'm not up to anything. ♫♪”
Awaiting Excitement

Day 19

“Is there more?”
Trinity Boos the Dad Show
“Yes, it's still me.”
Trinity and Her Spoiler

Day 20

The Blackberry Lies
Swung Out
Just Close Enough
Contrasting Quilt and Baby

Day 21

Layers of Laps
“Five more to go, girls! And four, …”
Active Cling
“Presto! It's gone!”

Day 22

Trinity and Ransom's Buddy
Cozy Rocker
A Couple of Sad Faces
“Why are you just staring? Help me out of this thing!”

Day 23

Someone's Always Amiss
Waiting for Room Service
Untitled Experiment
“I don't care for the look on your face.”

Day 24

“I'll sleep later.”
Shower Keeper
Replacement Keeper
Partied Out

Day 25

A Tongue-Waggin’ Diaper Change
“The first thing a lady never does is…”
Napping in a New Blanket
”That was a funny joke, Mom!”

Day 26

An Experienced Sister
The Fish
Daylight Pasttime
“Don't drive so fast.”

Day 27

“You're really bad at this!”
Sleep Grip
“I win! Now change my diaper.”
Evidently Needs More Sleep

Day 28

The Alabaster Princess
Burgeoning Melancholy
“Why pictures you take when hungry I am?”
Looking for the Lasso of Truth

Day 29

Los Tres Amigos
No Desire to Travel
The Nighttime Rocks
Too Much Dad, Not Enough Trinity

Day 30

Girlish Cocoon
Siesta del Papa
Bedtime Kiss
Never Too Tired to Sleep