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Newly Odd
A Couple Snooty Voters
Sweet Candy Land
Who knew destroying stuff was fun?
Visit Essentials
Mr. Good Manners
Adios a Tia Miria
Chey Gets Her Brain in the Camera
Who is this loon?
Grandpa and Trinity Split a Triple
Trinity and Dad Wait
Pied Piper or Evil Flautist?
Practice Plucking Makes Pleasant-er
More Used to It
Waiting for the Show
Afternoon Pastime
Every Kid's Got One
Grandma Hartman Takes a Ham to Mother's Tea
Premier and Elliot Visit Birthday Lion
Meet the Bells
Safer than Usual
“This was bigger the last time I was in here.”
A Visit to the Poultry Pals
The Brother Ride
Trinity's Sunday Duds
Dandy Bear Gets a Turn
The Gingerbread House Returns II
One Happy Face
It's Old Hat Now
Birthday Horse
“Is this real rock?”
“Guess where this is going?”
Mr. Bill and Premier on Fathers Night
Los Abuelos at Premier's Day School Graduation
Day School Graduation
Sickly Ransom
Trinity on Tiles
Trinity and Dad Go Tête-a-Tête
We're All Sick (or Pretending to Be)
Mr. Buttermaker
Asleep at the Swing
Hat Fun
School's Most Important Subject
Ready for Winter