turned 37 weeks on August 4, 2012 at 6:45 P.M.

Day 27

“The babies in the catalog made this look a lot more fun.”
Sleep is My Constant Companion
“I ain’t gettin’ in no washing machine, Hannibal!”
“Personal space! Personal space!”

Day 26

“I’m trying really hard to sleep, here.”
Two Girls for Every Boy
Resting Up for Some Travel
Too Tired to Object to Your Nonsense

Day 25

Morning Wrestling
“When does the show start?”
Roiling in Affection
“Nope. I’m not smiling.”

Day 24

Sunshine by Daylight
“That girl’s head ain’t screwed on right.”
“That last spoonful was too much…”
The Girls Settle Down for the Night

Day 23

“I guess I’ll trust you this once…”
“No comment!”
Sunshine Monster Hungry!
“Yeah, I was comfortable until you came along.”

Day 22

Two Out of Three is a Passing Grade
The Picture of Contentment
Progressive Poseability
“Sir, yes sir!”

Day 21

Yo, man, I didn’t do nothin’!
“Use this pose for my wax effigy.”
“I can’t believe I did it!”

Day 20

“Excuse me, sir. My hand appears to be trapped in this cloth contraption. Please release it before I am forced to stoop to screaming.”
“Aaargh! These two brothers are growing out of my head!!”
“Well, I can’t smile all the time.”
Sunshine Knows Something You Don’t Know

Day 19

Floor Exercises
Babies Don’t Care about Art
Sunshine’s Patriotic Profile

Day 18

“If I pretend to be asleep, will you leave me alone?”
Company Trumps Comfort
Training Starts with Love
“Is the bright light gone yet?”

Day 17

Smiling is Passée
“I’m a little busy now. Can you come back when I’m, say, 30?”
“Dear Diary, Today, I slept a lot.”
“The little fellow’s with me.”

Day 16

“I’m reading your mind…”
Loungin’ Around After Dinner
The Living Room Gnome
Exhaustion is a Matter of Perspective

Day 15

“Sure, I can look distracted. See?”
“Take me to your mother—I mean—leader.”
Accidental Personalization
“Didn’t you get the memo? It's nap time.”

Day 14

“Which one of you two is going to change my diaper?”
“WOW! That dinner blew me away!”
…but the third box was juuuuust right.
The Five Car Kiss Train

Day 13

“It’s easier all around when they think I’m asleep.”
“This baby act is just for attention.” *wink*
Sermon Listening Practice
Scarlett and Sunshine

Day 12

Vice President of The Concerned Baby Society
Ready for Anything—If Anything is a Nap
It Took 50 Shots to Fail this Well
Final Thought of the Day

Day 11

“Yes, you may take another picture.”
“Fortress kiss. You like.”
Sunshine Patiently Waits for Room Service
“Oh, and one more thing…”

Day 10

Trinity’s Two Girlfriends
“When you’re bigger, I’ll teach you how to get dad’s navel.”
Sunshine’s Flamenco Foray
Another Satisfied Customer

Day 9

Pretending to Sleep in Order to Hear Adults Coo Over Her
Afternoon Sonrisa
Same Stuff, Different Day
“Didn’t I do anything but sleep today?”

Day 8

A Heap of Laps
Siblings at Angles
5 × 7²
Sister Stacker

Day 7

“Mornings just are like this.”
Three Against Zero
“I give up. I'll go to sleep.”
Sunshine and Rainbows

Day 6

Sunshine Hits the Road
“I just can't decide between term or whole life.”
A Quick Snooze
“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Day 5

“Are you sure this isn't a toy?”
“Welcome to my sunbeam.”
My New Doll
“Living makes me tired.”

Day 4

Half the Diameter is an Eighth of the Volume
“I have an idea!”
Sunshine Ponders the Futility of Human Accomplishment
Early Morning Restercise

Day 3

“I Got this Shirt for You”
“*sigh* I’ve just about given up on politics.”
“Uh…I was going to remember to do something before I fell back a…sl…ee…zzzz…”
“The sweetest part is at the bottom…”

Day 2

Morning Hangout
The First of Many
Curiosity Supplanted the Toddler
“This Wasn’t at ALL What I Expected”

Day 1

Trinity Gets Her Wish
A Quick Check
“Don't I know it.”
A Prediction for the Future