turned 39 weeks on February 25, 2010 at 7:49 A.M.

Day 30

Ten Months and Counting
The Tricks All Come Later
“It's finally oooover!”
“I smell trouble.“

Day 29

“Let me take your mind off that diaper…”
“What do you see?”
Gentleness: The Subjective Quality
Waxing Impatient with the Cameraman

Day 28

“Wait. Wait. How do I get out of this thing?”
Soft Relaxation
I Love Clean Diapers
Thinking of the End

Day 27

Trinity’s Babies
“You want me to get in that?”
Not Up for Another of Dad’s Scissor-Hold Lectures
Awkward Lap Move

Day 26

Ready for Action
Signs of a Good Meal
24-Hour Hobby

Day 25

“Later on, I’ll show you where the matches are.”
New Baby Smell
“It can do that, too?”
Success is at Least Two

Day 24

Vlassic Creek Beguile
The End of Another Day
Elder Meets Younger
Beauty for the Fish

Day 23

The All-New, Same-Old, Play Place
The Standard Mug
“Oh, dear me!”
One Good Shot Before Sleeping

Day 22

Halftime at the Nursing Bowl
“Yes, I could handle a hug or two.”
“I thought this day would never end.”
“The invisible rhino is…right…there.”

Day 21

“Oh, if only&hellip”
Evening Lie
“Ooh! Wait until Mom sees what you’ve done.”
“What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Day 20

“This isn't my pose.”
Ransom Shows Off His U
Icarus as an Infant
“Shh! Don’t tell her I’m going to sneeze.”

Day 19

Car Seat Invasion
Boomwhacker Radiance
x sin x
Lost and Faraway

Day 18

Post-Repast Pensiveness
“Ooh! Check out that parental blunder!”
“I feel a little funny inside.”
Parallel Lines

Day 17

Morning Glory
A New Toy
“Brothers’ Love Hurts Less than Sisters’ ”
Not a Gamer Yet

Day 16

Laps Upon Laps
Jan Pretends to Laugh at Fortress's Jokes
“Enough already!”
Wanda and Fortress Size Each Other Up

Day 15

Fraternal Pastime
“That crazy guy with the camera is here somewhere. I know it.”
The Thinker
“Is this really the best you could do?”

Day 14

“We’re going where?”
School Without a Baby is Like Particle Physics without an Orchestra Pit
Choosing Sides
A Little Blindness Never Hurt Anybody

Day 13

“Not ‘The Pat’ again?“
“I was hoping for an HP.”
After Dinner Squint
Repast Pals

Day 12

Fortress Calls for Room Service
That Warm, Blue Baby Glow
“Sunshine? What is that?”
Sustinance is Hard Work

Day 11

“I don’t like that look in your eye.”
“Do your worst. I’ll just lie here and take it.”
A Kiss Chain
“Something’s not quite right here.”

Day 10

Tres Madres
Waiting for Aunt Beth to Start Rocking
Show and Tell Baby
One Last Hug

Day 9

“I look more stately in my royal robe.”
Endure the Constant Kissing or Face Her Wrath
“Sir! Yes, sir!”
Rocking Training

Day 8

A Grandmother Morning
“I've heard that ‘bone-in-your-milk’ joke a hundred times already.”
Fortress’s secret: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not who I want.”
Evening Burrito

Day 7

Minor League Sleeper
Tres Hermanos
“Let’s not fool ourselves…”
Rarin’ to Go

Day 6

Never Not a Mother
Only Faking It
“It’s too early to start this.”
Ken Tries Out Some Baby Puns

Day 5

The Masked Sleeper
Travelin’ Buddies
Waiting Patiently for Some Attention

Day 4

Fortress the Rocker
Sermon-Induced Siesta
The End of an Era (and the Beginning of Another)
Night Owl

Day 3

“Are you here for this, too?”
“I pat the baby.”
An Honest Day’s Work
Evening Respite

Day 2

Profiles are for Sissies
The Littlest Sister
“I’ll love you even if it kills you.”
Primary Function

Day 1

Fresh off the Bus
Trinity's New Baby Doll
Ransom’s Turn
“What is it that you need?”